Using Crude Drug to Reverse Brain Inflammation Improves Obesity, Diabetes Symptoms
Using Crude Drug to Reverse Brain Inflammation Improves Obesity, Diabetes SymptomsThe scientists administered butein to the mice to block the signalling pathway, which is involved in the body's inflammatory immune responses.
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We are located in Nanjing Hi-Tech Development Zone and were founded in 2004. We are a high-tech enterprise specialized and engaged in the production and sal-e of natural plant extract. We have self-managed import and export rights.

We rely on China Pharmaceutical University and Nanjing University Of Medicine. We employ professors experienced in the field of digital technology, with graduate students as the main body of our talent team. We have advanced equipment to a-nalyze the extraction and separation of testing instruments, including multi-functi-on extractors, microwave extraction devices, membrane separation devices and highly effective liquid phase color spectrometers. We imported high half preparatio-n color spectrometers, gas phase color spectrometers, infrared spectrometers, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, etc. With various technical personnel, our company ha-s published totally 36 Thesis in domestic and overseas professional journals, and got 28 invention patents.

We have two natural extract laboratories, one analysis and test center, one pilot production base and two factories, which ensures various stages of development. We conduct strong scientific research and standard quality control. Our company enhances the competitiveness of our products. We are one of China's most outst-anding enterprises in plant pharmaceutical industry and win a good reputation!

We have two market departments to provide the best service, all kinds of natural plant extract and standard Chinese chemical products for customers from at home and abroad. Our products are widely used in medicine, health products, cosmetics, etc. According to customers' needs, we can provide various plant extract rati-os of monomer extraction and separation. We provide products which meet or ex-ceed the quality standard.

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